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  • 24 Hour Garage Doors Repair And Maintenance

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Lion Garage Doors 

We are going to be honest with you. There are some garage door problems that you can probably fix all by yourself.

For example, changing the batteries, checking and fixing your photo-eye

alignment and figuring out if the door is properly aligned and working.

But most people go over the top by assuming that they can figure out everything by themselves,

which proposes a high risk to the property and human health.

Why call us?

We here for you , always at your back and call with our full-time available staff.


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    lion garage doors

    Common Issues 

    • Off-Track | Stuck Garage Door

    • Broken Garage Door Springs or Frayed Garage Door Cables

    • Broken Garage Door Opener

    • Noise Garage Door 

    • Bent or Damaged Garage Door Tracks

    • Damaged Garage Door Panel



    overhead door

    Our Services At Lion Garage Doors 

    New Openers

    garage door new openers

    New, Repair and replacement openers for Lift-Master, Chamberlain, Genie Overhead Doors, if any issue happens with the opener we can help, the opener is the main engine for the garage door, you can call us for advice and any issue that occurs with it.

    New Overhead Doors

    New Garage door for residential, installation and warranty, sectional, traditional, insulated and non-insulated steel doors, new door by design with windows or Flat panels,  Replacement, Bent Panel, Straus Support, Single Side or Double Side Doors

    torsion spring replacement

    the spring is a long cylindrical spring attached to a metal that runs above your garage door.  Because of the strength of the garage door spring, it is a dangerous mechanism that can cause severe injuries if not handled correctly, please call us for help.

    Out Of Track

    Garage door out of track happens when the garage door not in balance or one of the cables snap or broken roller when you try to use the garage door in that state it will fall outside of the track and it can be very dangerous, if that happen please call us we can help to put the door back in place and replace the broken parts

    New Cables

    the connection between the door and the spring and keep the door balance is 2 metal cables that connect at both side of the garage door, with time the cables start to warn up and snap, when it happens the spring will go to start position and the door will be very heavy, if you see scenario like this, please call us, we can help

    Motor/Gear Replacement 

    lion garage doors motor replacement

    after long years for using the openers to open the garage door the gear is getting weak and break, in this scenario you can save some money and instead to replace the opener and take everything apart, we can change the gear and let the garage door continue working for another couple of beautiful years, Lion garage door here for you

    Common Issues Read More 

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    Off-Track | Stuck Garage Door


    This issue is one of the most dangerous repairs we see.

    When your garage door is in this state, its best to immediately stop its use.

    Do not try to force your garage door opened or closed.

    This can cause your garage door to fall completely off its tracks.

    This issues can also be an indicator that your garage door spring is broken.

    For the “handyman” and the “DIY’ers”, the best thing to do is unplug the garage door opener.

    No need to have someone try and operate the garage door in this condition.

    EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!! DO NOT, we repeat, 


    This piece of equipment may be the only part keeping the garage door in place.

    These repairs are very dangerous and handled by a trusted experienced garage door repair company.

    This is a job for Lion Garage Doors, we can HELP NOW!

    There are no “guarantees” that the garage door can be saved.

    We always repair before replacing and are the best at it.

    Broken Garage Door Springs or Frayed Garage Door Cables


    Customers facing this issue experience dealing with a car stuck inside or

    locked out of the garage. We advise looking around for the culprit.

    Looking for any built-up dirt or debris that might be hindering the cable’s

    path. Do not attempt removing the cables. Replacing cables and springs is a

    very dangerous job. All the weight of the garage door is carried by the

    garage door springs. All the force of the garage door springs is carried by

    the cables. The cables and garage door springs are under an extreme amount of tension.

    These repairs should be done by professionals at Lion Garage Doors.

    Broken Garage Door Opener

    garage door opener

    Today we have become accustomed to using our garage door like a front door.

    It’s natural to reach for the remote to let yourself in or out the garage.

    This time, however, there is no response from the garage door.

    Uh oh!! Dealing with a broken garage door can be an annoying headache.

    We provide same day service and are available 24 hours a day for your convenience.

    We provide free estimates and carry replacement openers on our trucks.

    No matter your situation, Lion Garage doors can help.

    Damaged Garage Door Panel

    garage door repair

    Over time your garage door panels will become damaged or dented.

    This can happen by accidentally backing into the garage door or even misuse.

    No matter how the garage door panels got damaged, this is a very common issue.

    When facing this issue we have two solutions to remedy this situation.

    We can expertly repair the damaged panels (understand some damages are too extensive to repair)

    or replacement matching your door.

    Remember your garage door is very heavy and this repair should not be attempted on your own.[/read]

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