Frequently asked questions

we have still found people coming up to us with certain questions that we haven’t provided on the website. This is an open forum to ask questions. Here are some of the frequently asked questions:

  •  How trustworthy is your brand?

    We would rather ask you to talk to one of our employers for that answer. We are confident that
    you would not get a bad review. We have been in the field for quite a while. If you still have any
    doubts, call us.

  •  How long is the warranty for your garage doors?

    Two years (although it is subject to change according to company policy. Do ask us once).

  • What is the average life of a spring door?

    A high quality spring door should last up to seven to six years.

  •  How often do I need to change my garage door opener?

    A garage door opener has a shelf life of ten to fifteen years. It also depends on how you
    maintain it. If you have any further doubts about it, let us know

  •  How often does an average garage door need a tune up?

    People are usually advised for an annual tune up. However, it might not be very pocket-friendly
    so we advise the customer to call us according to their convenience. We will definitely try to
    give you the best service from our side.

  •  When can you help with the garage door repair? What are your working hours?

    We have 24/7 working hours. It’s quite flexible in terms of timings. You just need to give us a call
    and we will be at your doorstep with our best men

  •  Are your men fully capable?

    We only hire professionals and make sure they go under a training to know what they are doing.
    Be at peace because we do not tolerate people who aren’t professional at their jobs.

  •  Can I do minor garage door fixes myself?

  • The answer to that question is: Yes. The problem here is what might look to you as something
    small, might be actually a big issue. You might end up putting yourself under a huge risk. It is
    always advisable to call professionals for help as you might be dealing with a larger problem
    than it appears to be
  •  My garage door is loud and it disturbs the peace of the locality. Can anything be done about it?

    You appear to have a problem of the spring in your garage door. Let us know any further details.
    We can fix this problem for you. In fact, we can make your garage door as quite as possible.

  •  Can you install insulation garage doors?

    Yes we do install them and they do have a lot of advantage over the normal garage doors but we
    would still advice you to check and see what’s best for you. We usually warn our customers
    from following trends. What works best for most people might not work very well for you.