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Garage Doors Safety Eyes

By | September 29th, 2016|Garage Door Tips|

Garage Doors Safety Eyes Garage doors have a history of causing injury. Over the years, several safety features have been added to garage door openers to reduce the probability of injury. Residential garage doors are equipped with safety eyes and a reversal mechanism. If your door is closing, any obstruction that moves through the doorway should be detected by the [...]

What’s Behind the Garage Door?

By | September 18th, 2016|Garage Door Tips|

Homeowners are getting rid of stuff that is embarrassing when the door’s open; for some, it’s a whole new room Heather Weisman and her family moved from Buffalo, N.Y., to a house in San Diego that lacked a basement. She has had cabinets installed in her attached garage, so the space would feel like an extension of her home’s interior. [...]

7 Ways To Keep Your Garage Cool In The Hot Summer Heat

By | August 28th, 2016|Garage Door Tips|

Chicago Garage Door Tips - Local Chicago Garage Door Repair As all permanent Chicago residents know, this city is a Mediterranean winter. Chicago's climate is a temperate marine, with cool, wet winters and warm, relatively dry summers. Hot temperature extremes are enhanced by dry, compressed wind from the west slopes of the Cascades. If you use your garage for anything [...]

10 Things You Can Do To Maintain Your Overhead Door!

By | January 25th, 2016|Garage Door Tips|

10 Things You Can Do To Maintain Your Overhead Door Overhead Door Maintenance Tips - Local Chicago Garage Door Repair These days, we’re so busy that it’s easy to take an appliance like the garage door for granted. Multiple times a day, we push a little button so that we can enter and exit the garage without having to get [...]

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